• Core breakthroughs, leading the industry's development model

    Fujian New Oriental Machinery Company is a technology-based enterprise that integrates research and development, production, sales, and service. Its product equipment brand, quality, and price have maintained a competitive market share in the brick and tile industry for many years. In 2018, it was awarded the "National High tech Enterprise" and "Fujian Province Little Giant Leading Enterprise". It is one of China's new wall material automatic production line manufacturing enterprises.

  • Annual production of 150 million (converted standard bricks), easy to operate on one production line

    The core mechanical technology is developing synchronously with international advanced technology, and the JKY90/85 combined six mud rod vacuum extruder equipment is independently developed. Large section high-speed pneumatic multifunctional encoder, servo fully automatic control system, efficient and stable. The technology of robot coding machine, automatic coding system, and the new generation JKY70/65 large vacuum extruder is mature and stable, suitable for tunnel kilns with a cross-section of 4.6-9.6 meters. The automated production line equipment for new wall materials with an annual output of 500 million and 200 million has been widely used worldwide.

  • Improve the service system and eliminate any worries in the future

    Pre sales service

    ◎Provide customers with free preliminary design plans, overall layout planning, raw material testing, and sintering tests to ensure that the raw materials meet the requirements of the brick making process. Technical consultants provide on-site guidance on factory construction plans and technical difficulties in auxiliary equipment.

    In sales services

    ◎Technical personnel provide on-site guidance for installation and debugging, plan reasonable equipment infrastructure according to local conditions, correctly place equipment, locate the site for installation, assist in equipment maintenance and regular mechanical maintenance, and solve customer concerns.

    after-sale service

    ◎A professional technical department team can quickly handle the difficulties encountered by users in on-site equipment production. Quickly provide accessories and vulnerable parts, committed to improving service and work efficiency.

  • The Oriental Industrial Park is located in "Seaside Zoulu, Literature Famous Nation" - Xianyou! It has Fujian New Oriental Machinery Co., Ltd. and Fujian Da Dongfang Classical Furniture Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 360 million yuan and a garden style factory area of over 60000 square meters. The company adheres to the corporate philosophy of "rigor, innovation, unity, and responsibility", takes technological innovation as the quality foundation, brand marketing as the market principle, corporate culture as the development driving force, and sincere service as the corporate purpose, and is committed to promoting the comprehensive utilization of resources. It is a new type of wall material automation complete set of brick and tile equipment that uses emission reducing waste such as coal gangue, shale stone, fly ash, construction slag, river silt, metallurgical and chemical waste as raw materials...
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